Private Chefs of Beverly Hills was a scripted reality television show which aired for two seasons on Food Network between 2009 and 2010. The show followed six chefs from the Big City Chefs private chef placement agency in Beverly Hills, California. The show chronicled preparations for lavish parties for eccentric clientele in the Los Angeles area. They had to prepare what the high-end client asked for, which was sometimes an issue, and there were many moments of drama, comedy, and disaster.


Season 1:

  1. Into the Fryer (pilot)
  2. In the Dog House
  3. Foodzilla
  4. Rockin' Rolls
  5. Challah Back
  6. It Ain't Easy Being Green
  7. Teenage Tasteland

Season 2:

  1. A Side of Lamas
  2. A Very "Brady" Birthday
  3. Seance Sautee
  4. Thrilla for Foodzilla
  5. Tickled Pink
  6. Who's the Boss
  7. Flappers and Knee Slappers
  8. Whole Lotta Loaf