Iron Chef Japan

The Chairman and his Invincible Iron Chefs!

The classic original dubbed version of Iron Chef, from Japan!

In this Japanese-language hit, each week, after the surprise ingredient is revealed, the challenger and the Iron Chef face off in a frenetic culinary battle. The guest panel judges the menus to determine who is victorious and who is vanquished. No matter whether the Iron Chef defends his title, the viewer always wins.


The host of the show is the flamboyant Takeshi Kaga, known on the show as Chairman Kaga. He begins most episodes with his signature words, taken from Arthur Rimbaud, "If memory serves me right..." and summons the Iron Chefs to cook with the phrase "Allez cuisine!" ("Go cook!"). The show has two regular commentators, Kenji Fukui who narrates the action on the floor, and Dr. Yukio Hattori, a food scholar and founder of the Hattori Nutrition College. A floor reporter, Shinichiro Ohta, reports to Fukui on what the challengers and Iron Chefs are preparing, their strategy, and their comments. One or two guest commentators (who also serve as judges) also make frequent appearances. The commentary covers ingredients, history of contenders, and other background information to give viewers context for what is happening in the kitchen.