How to Boil Water was one of the first shows aired on Food Network in 1993, hosted by Emeril Lagasse. The focus of the show was simple cooking, as the show's title suggests, and was directed at those who have little cooking skill or experience.

In the beginning of Food Network's history, How To Boil Water was the network's "flagship" show. As Emeril's personal popularity grew, he eventually moved on to his own show, Essence of Emeril. How to Boil Water continued with the tandem of comedian Sean Donnellan and chef Cathy Lowe. With this duo, the show followed the formula of a chef teaching somebody with no experience.

After Donnellan and Lowe, Frederic van Coppernolle along with comedian Lynne Koplitz, then later Jack Hourigan, were the show's hosts. The show's format followed a formula similar to when Emeril hosted. It later returned to the chef-and-student model with chef Tyler Florence and Jack continuing as co-host.

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"Welcome to your own private cooking school! Whether you've never cooked before or have been winging it for years, here's your chance to learn all the basic techniques. With the help of Tyler Florence and his cooking-challenged co-host, you'll soon be making quick and easy main courses, scrumptious sides, decadent desserts and even menus perfect for company. Come discover how fun cooking can be!"

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