Chefs vs. City was a competition/travel show starring chefs Aarón Sanchez and Chris Cosentino, who traveled to different cities of the United States to challenge two local chefs to a variety of food-related challenges. Also featured was actor Ethan Erickson as the show's host.

The show first aired on August 7, 2009.

Show format Edit

Each episode takes place in a heavily populated United States city. The show features two teams: two Food Network chefs (Sanchez and Cosentino) and two chefs from the featured city. At the beginning of the show, each contestant receives a backpack with certain instruments that they'll use during the contest, and a dossier with information on their first stop. Each team is given a Ford Expedition to move around the city as they try to reach each stop ahead of the other team.

At each stop, both teams have to complete a certain food-related task before they receive a new dossier and advance to the next contest. Examples of tasks featured are: eat a whole serving of an extremely spicy dish or a large dish, sampling and separating products, and cooking or prepping dishes.

After the final contest, the contestants have to race through a finish line together to win.

Chris and Aaron have a win-loss record of 14–6.

Differences between Seasons 1 and 2 Edit

During season 1, the competitors would have to run to the finish line. But, during season 2, they would drive to the finish line then run. And, the directions on the signs at the challenges got shorter. The first five season 2 episodes featured Chris and Aaron against fellow Food Network stars, who acted as the "City" representatives.

Cancellation Edit

In 2010, Chris Cosentino wrote on his Twitter page: "Chefs vs City has been canceled! Thanks for all the support enjoy the reruns"[1] In 2014, he gave a talk about how he regretted participating in the series.[2]

Season 1Edit

Episode Show # Date City City Chefs Winner
1 CS0101 August 7, 2009 New York, New York Kelsey Nixon and Claire Robinson Chefs
2 CS0102 August 14, 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada Stephen Hopcraft and Santanna Salas City
3 CS0103 August 21, 2009 Boston, Massachusetts Peter and Robert Depesa Chefs
4 CS0104 August 28, 2009 San Francisco, California Anna Wankel and Melissa Perello Chefs
5 CS0105 September 4, 2009 Chicago, Illinois Gregg and Joey Morelli Chefs
6 CS0106 September 11, 2009 Los Angeles, California Amy Powell and Nino Linsmayer City
7 CS0107 September 18, 2009 New Orleans, Louisiana Alfred Singleton and Stephanie Bernard Chefs

Season 2Edit

Episode Show # Date City City Chefs Winner
1 CS0201 April 18, 2010 Miami, Florida Claire Robinson and Sunny Anderson Chefs
2 CS0202 April 25, 2010 Atlanta, Georgia Robert Irvine and George Galati City
3 CS0203 May 2, 2010 Savannah, Georgia Jamie Deen and Bobby Deen City
4 CS0204 May 9, 2010 Dallas, Texas Aaron McCargo, Jr. and Adam Gertler City
5 CS0205 May 16, 2010 Phoenix, Arizona Duff Goldman and Geof Manthorne Chefs
6 CS0206 May 30, 2010 Hollywood, California Daisy Roman and David Rosenberger Chefs
7 CS0207 June 18, 2010 Seattle, Washington Carrie Mashaney and Jason Stratton Chefs
8 CS0208 June 25, 2010 Portland, Oregon Gabriel Kapustka and Ryan McMallen Chefs
9 CS0209 July 16, 2010 San Diego, California Kari Rich and Steve Pickett Chefs
10 CS0210 July 23, 2010 Palm Springs, California Tony DiLembo and Thomas Hogan City
11 CS0211 August 13, 2010 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Quincy Logan and Chaz Brown Chefs
12 CS0212 August 20, 2010 Baltimore, Maryland Ann Marie Langton and Thomas Looney Chefs
13 CS0213 August 27, 2010 Washington, D.C. Terrell Danely and Ryan Gordon Chefs

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